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Welcome to the Management Council Training Site. This site has been developed to provide access to support/training resources, information and opportunities for Management Council team members and partners.  The MC•OECN desires to provide access to training and support opportunities, collect feedback for improvements and promote the benefits of this resource in support of those that facilitate and enhance Ohio’s education system.



Training Resources


Cherwell Video Learning Library (VLL)

The Video Learning Library or VLL features a wealth of information and training in video format. You get to pick and choose the courses that you watch, and you can watch any section or lesson, in any order.  With the VLL, you have complete flexibility in your learning and access to useful how-to information.

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VLL Course List


New to Cherwell?

Check out:

Getting to Know Cherwell Service Management : VLL Course

Cherwell Service Management Foundations : Online Course

Building A Basic Search : Online Course

Building A Dashboard : Online Course


Cherwell Self-Paced Courses

The Cherwell University offers training in online course format designed to meet the flexibility needs of many users. One such offering is the collection of self-paced courses. Course topics range from an introduction of the Cherwell platform to complex design/build functionalities within the platform.

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Online Training Classes




Cherwell Community

The Cherwell Community offers great access to support from users around the globe.  This resource offers various forums, events and Cherwell User Groups (CUG) dedicated to helping CW users learn and grow from people just like you.  Visit the site and join the Ohio Cherwell Users Group (Ohio Region).


Cherwell Community



Request Account

If you are interested in taking advantage of the VLL resources or the Online Training  hosted by the Cherwell University and you are part of a Management Council partner organization you may request an account below.

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Provide Feedback

If you would like to provide feedback on the value/benefit of a training resource/experience or ways that we might improve/enhance our efforts please click the button below.

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