ITC Customer Satisfaction Survey Released

The Management Council of the Ohio Education Computer Network and Ohio’s 18 Information Technology Centers (ITCs) are pleased to announce the release of the annual ITC Customer Satisfaction Survey for the 2017-2018 school year. For information on how to participate in the survey, please contact your ITC.


The survey is being administered by the Management Council, which is the association representing all ITCs.  The Council provides state-level support and program management to empower ITCs to be the leading IT service providers in Ohio.  


The survey, which opened on November 1 and closes November 17, consists of 23 multiple-choice questions plus a few free response opportunities for ITC customers to suggest ways to improve communications, professional development, customer support, system reliability, technical leadership, and the overall value of their ITC.  


Once the survey concludes, the Management Council will provide the results to each ITC. It will be up to each individual ITC to determine how this information will be published and distributed to their customer/owners.


As owners of ITCs, this survey input is vital in helping each ITC provide the best experience for the districts, staff, and students who consume services from their ITC. Feedback on ITC customer service will help ITCs better understand district priorities and concerns; these insights will help improve services, and the aggregate data gathered may serve to inform policy statewide.


Questions regarding the annual ITC Customer Satisfaction Survey can be addressed to Jessica Madison, Director of Marketing and Communications at connectwithus[at]managementcouncil[dot]org.