ProgressBook Suite Ownership Consolidated: No Impact to Day-to-Day Users

The Management Council of the Ohio Education Computer Network and Software Answers, Inc. are pleased to announce the consolidation of the ProgressBook Suite under the ownership of Software Answers as of July 2018.  Software Answers will be purchasing intellectual property and software from the Management Council, which represents Information Technology Centers across Ohio.  The Board of Trustees of the Management Council voted unanimously on Tuesday afternoon to approve the sale.

The ProgressBook Suite has evolved from a student information system and an electronic gradebook to a suite of integrated modules that includes a learning management system, a parent access portal, a data analytics engine, a vendor interactivity module, and special services.

The effect of this consolidation of ownership will have no impact on the day-to-day users of the ProgressBook Suite. The suite is used by over 70% of the schools and districts in Ohio; they will continue to enjoy service from the same people at Software Answers and at the Management Council. The software will continue to be housed at Information Technology Centers and the Management Council data center. The same development team will continue to make the suite the most competitive and best value proposition in the student information system space. District and ITC advisory groups will continue to provide guidance and feedback to Software Answers as part of the development process.

Paul Chaffee, CEO of Software Answers, hailed this consolidation of intellectual property, “It will enable us to focus the development of the suite in a highly responsive way that will benefit the schools.”

“With the consolidation of ownership of the ProgressBook Suite, the StudentInformation State Support Team will provide support that is as robust as ever,” noted Jeff Davis, the Management Council’s Director of Student Information.

Matt Gdovin, Board Chair of the Management Council added, “This move is in the best interest of all parties – the ITCs in Ohio, Software Answers, the schools in Ohio, and ultimately, the students, parents, teachers, and leaders in Ohio’s schools.”

For more information, please contact Jessica Madison, Director of Marketing and Communications for the Management Council at