• Student Information DASL

    ... state-of-the-art student information management and decision support system preferred by most K-12 schools in Ohio.

  • INFOhio

    ... comprehensive electronic resources for Ohio K-12 student learning, instructional development and school libraries.

  • Roster Verification

    ... the linking of educational instruction among schools, teachers, and students — which teacher teaches what subject to which students.

Member Services Portal
The Member Services Portal for ITCs provides access to membership profile, CSLG renewal data, other agreements & POs, and ISP bandwidth records.
OECN Portal Services
Services for Districts and Schools include K-12 Network Subsidy, Technology Planning and Building Data Collection.
OASBO and The Management Council Partnering
The OASBO Executive Committee and The Management Council of the OECN continue to work in partnership as interest in Tyler Technologies MUNIS financial software package seems to be increasing. They are committed to work with Tyler to implement an enterprise program for Ohio’s schools that would help to reduce costs for acquiring MUNIS software by school districts. Demonstrations with Tyler have been scheduled at ITCs.
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